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BS5837:2012 tree reports


Arboricultural Impact Assessments
Arboricultural Method Statement/ Tree Protection Plan

Where trees are present on a development site, it is likely that the Local Planning Authority will require a tree survey to comply with BS5837:2012 'Trees in Relation to Design, Demolition and Construction - Recommendations'.

RTAC will supply a report to this standard detailing the condition and retention quality of the trees on the site and a Tree Constraints Plan including Root Protection Areas (RPA's), crown spread and shading patterns.  A BS5837 report will also contain an Arboricultural Impact Assessment and an Arboricultural Method Statement.

The AIA identifies potential conflicts between trees to be retained and the development and provides solutions to mitigate these conflicts.  Possible solutions could include specially engineered foundations and driveways, re-routing of services or geogrids for ground protection.

The AMS advises on how retained trees are to be protected during construction, including details of access pruning, ground protection and the layout of the Construction Exclusion Zone (CEZ).  RTAC will provide an arboricultural site monitoring service if required by the local planning authority.

A planting scheme to replace removed trees can also be provided.

Tree survey Swansea

'At Raum we strive to provide a prompt and professional service and having worked with a multitude of different consultants we soon determine if we are likely to continue the


For us, RTAC have always delivered prompt, professional information, formatted in a logical fashion, appropriately geared toward the intended end user.

Liz has been flexible in targeting specific requirements and responsive when additional information or clarification has been necessary.

Having made use of RTAC services in both the professional realm and for our own private property, it speaks volumes about how much value we place on the quality of the information and service.'

- Dan Belton, raum architects, Swansea

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